LED Grow Lights used for Photosynthesis in Refrigerators!

Interesting if only LED Grow Lights in the orange spectrum(590 nm) are found to be useful for this application, I wonder if someone can locate or find this LED Grow Light Research and publish it online somewhere... or send it to me PLEASE... ledgrowlights[({at})]gmail.com

Home Vitamin Factory with Solid State LED Lighting

"Does the refrigerator light stay on or go off when you close the door? The common-sense answer is “off,” and that is what they all did until fresh thinking at Mitsubishi Electric found a reason for them to stay on—at least in the vegetable drawer..

The company has just announced several refrigerators that boost the levels of vitamin C, chlorophyll and other nutrition-related compounds in vegetables during storage. Reflecting the consumer trend toward healthier eating, Mitsubishi Electric product planners looked for ways to actually increase the vitamin content of vegetables. Once they had the new perspective, the solution was relatively simple.

Research showed that the light’s color was important: The orange light creates chlorophyll in vegetables without inducing them to grow. A small bank of LEDs in the roof of the vegetable drawer produces light at a wavelength of 590 nanometers (orange). Mitsubishi Electric found that after three days, the vitamin-C level in broccoli sprouts stored in their new refrigerator was 50% higher than in a conventional refrigerator.

LEDs are perfect for this application. Being extremely energy efficient, they use almost no electricity and produce insignificant heat. Japanese consumers have welcomed the new technology by boosting sales of Mitsubishi Electric’ main refrigerator line by about 50%."

LEDs as Grow Lights in refrigerators

After checking out their product line up I looked at retail pricing and realized they don't give these pimped out refrigerators with LED grow lights away for free.

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