Buy low cost LED Grow Lights!

This latest article is another sign of affordable LED Grow Lights coming to a dollar store garden shop near you.

An upcoming process for making LEDs (blue, green, white, etc.) on a larger and cheaper substrate material then currently used was recently announced:

BlueGlass, a spin-out from the III-nitride department at Macquarie University in Australia, plans to build a pilot manufacturing facility to further develop its low-temperature deposition method, which is claimed to be compatible with glass substrates up to 8 inches in diameter.

..."Process temperatures are 500-700°C, making it compatible with glass, silicon and other low-cost substrates, and so avoiding the use of sapphire or silicon carbide," explains BluGlass.

Because it avoids the use of expensive MOCVD equipment, and could be compatible with such large wafers, the method promises to allow LEDs to be manufactured at a much lower cost than currently, which could open up new markets where cost is a critical issue, such as residential solid-state lighting.

...If all goes according to plan, BluGlass is looking to generate revenue in a number of different ways. These include sales of the novel GaN deposition equipment, licensing of its patented manufacturing process, and the sale of GaN-based wafers and/or LEDs.

According to the company, the growth process is also compatible with GaN alloys, as well as InN and AlN materials.

These new cheaper LED lighting substrates will be great for lowering the cost of indoor LED Grow Lights, I can envision a future where everyone can buy LED Grow Lights and Panels.

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