DIY LED Useable Light Tool

Building a LED Grow Light array can be tricky and there are many factors that one should take into account before tossing your hard earned duckets into the High Brightness LED (HB-LED) silicon frying pan

Below is an excellent tool that can help you to create your own LED Grow Light array. Here is the Light Tool that you can use when evaluating high-power LEDs for building your own HB LED Plant Grow Lights, it should work with other makes and models of LEDS.

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Below are some sample screen shots:

Often, when evaluating high-power LEDs, typical flux values, which are measured at a junction temperature of 25°C, are considered only. Such an analysis is incomplete and inaccurate for determining the expected level of light from the light source in a "real world" environment.

The purpose of this tool is to provide a true "real world" evaluation and comparison of high-power LEDs by taking into account the effects of 7 critical relationships (see diagram):

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Rick said...

Very informative stuff! I also have a site on grow lights and my users would love the info you have here!

Led Grow Lights said...

Thanks for your positive comment Rick!

Hoping you find some time in your busy schedule to send over a copy of your "How to Build Your Own LED LIGHT BOX" for a release review.

Led Grow Lights said...

Link has been fixed. (thanks Charles!)