Cree Prototypes 1,000+ Lumen LED chip

Cree breaks 1000 Lumens on a single die!

The next post should be about LED Grow Light bench power supplies that can handle the additional power requirements of the emerging next generation solid state lighting chips.

With a driving current of 4A, the company's prototype, single-die LED delivers a light output of 1,050 lumens in cool white, a level comparable to a standard incandescent bulb, and 760 lumens in a warm-white version.

As a result, the company claims this breakthrough may lead to the development of LEDs that will make traditional light bulbs obsolete.

Efficacy of the cool-white LED is 72 lumens/Watt and, for the warm-white device, 52 lumens/Watt.

Both versions allegedly operate at significantly higher efficacy levels than conventional light bulbs.

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