LED chip maker Genesis Photonics announces new patents for white LEDs

Digitimes is reporting that:

Taiwan-based LED chip supplier Genesis Photonics yesterday debuted its latest patents on white LED technology which the company claims can produce a white LED chip without the need to combine a blue LED and phosphor.

Around two years ago, Genesis started volume production of single white LED chips using this technology with most of the products shipping to Japan, said the company. The production cost for this product is not far off from traditional blue and green LEDs. However, as the brightness of LEDs produced using this technology is still not as bright as ordinary ones, few LED makers are adopting the technology and Genesis is partnering with downstream vendors directly, stated company president Hsu Shi-Hong (transliterated from Chinese).

The company also aims for the proportion of revenues from the blue and green LED segments to reach up to 60% and 40%, respectively, in 2008, up from 45% and 55%, respectively at present, the company added. Meanwhile, the company will increase the number of its metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) equipment to over 25 units by the end of 2008, compared to 19 units now, noted the LED chip company.

This should be great news for the overall health of the Solid State LED lighting market, more competition in the LED Grow Light industry is always good.

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