LED 'Lighting for Tomorrow' Competition 2008

Solid State LED Lighting for TomorrowIts that time of year again for all of the DIY LED Grow Light Hobbyists to show some Lux, the official LED Lighting for Tomorrow Competition 2008 kicks off and plans on being the biggest yet, last years event attracted over 40 entries in the LED lighting category. If you fancy yourself a budding LED Grow Light specialist this could be your calling, and don't forget the fame and fortune if you win. Realize that the LED Lighting contest is mostly for general illumination which use Ultra-High Brightness (UHB) LEDs, but with a twist as this year a new "Future LED" Showcase category has been added and if an innovative technology entry for an indoor solid state LED plant light were to be received the judging panel wouldn't turn it away and your entry may even help create a new separate category for Solid State Plant Lighting in future LED Lighting Competitions.

This years Solid State Lighting (SSL) competition is organized by the U.S. Department of Energy, the American Lighting Association, and the Consortium for Energy Efficiency.

Important Dates to remember if you plan on entering:

January 17-21, 2008 - Lighting for Tomorrow 2008 Competition Launched at the Dallas Lighting Market

February 29, 2008 - Online Intent-to-submit form is due. (I recommend using the PDF version which is more complete, they ask that you only use one form of submission and both are due by the above date)

April 30, 2008 - All entries due

September 14-16, 2008 - Lighting for Tomorrow 2008 Competition Winners Announced at the American Lighting Association Annual Conference

Rules and Entrant Guides: For complete information on the LED Lighting design contest including applications, competition rules, guidelines, and sponsors visit: 2008 Lighting for Tomorrow Competition

Don't forget to take a look at the some of the photos from last years winners in the LED Lighting Fixtures (LLF) division for ideas on what the competition is doing with LEDs and Solid State Lighting.

This year the LED Lighting Fixtures (LLF) division has three (3) categories: 1) fixtures meeting the ENERGY STAR for solid-state lighting (SSL) requirements, 2) other decorative entries such as chandeliers, sconces, table lamps and portables using LEDs with device efficacy of at least 50 lm/W, and 3) the new "Future LED" category which invites luminaires using the world's highest efficiency LEDs; The “Future LED” category will require a minimum LED device efficacy of 90 lm/W, which would fit the bill nicely for an LED Grow Light entry.

LED lighting applications in the 'near term' and 'other lighting' categories include:

􀂉 Under-cabinet lighting for kitchens
􀂉 Portable desk/task light
􀂉 Recessed downlight rated for residential use
􀂉 Outdoor porch light
􀂉 Outdoor step light
􀂉 Outdoor pathway light
􀂉 Wall sconce
􀂉 Table or floor lamp
􀂉 Pendant
􀂉 Chandelier
􀂉 Vanity light
􀂉 Ceiling fan w/ light kit

But the 'Future LED Showcase' is wide open with a write-in of your choice, so what will you build next? A rotating LED grow light with LED light arms that track or sweep around for greater coverage could be one idea :)

Start up your wire-wrapping grow light engines and lets get this showcase shining!

For more information or to ask questions contact: Ruth Taylor, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - 509-375-2389, ruth.taylor@pnl.gov

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