LED Grow Lights sprout with Lamina

Is it Lamina Solutions Center (LSC) or the Lamina Resource Center?

Sure I am a little dazed and confused by the press release from Lamina, either way I felt this was a worthy post for anyone interested in LED Grow Lights.

Lamina Resource Center Offers Advanced Tools, Unique Expertise For Customer Product Development Needs

Center Offers Advice, Equipment, Design Software, Simulation and Testing of Concepts That Can Flourish with Inclusion of Lamina’s Solid-State LED Technology

WESTAMPTON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lamina Lighting Incorporated (Lamina), an innovator of LED lighting systems and technologies, today announced it has launched the Lamina Resource Center, a unique service that allows customers and potential customers to utilize the company’s specialized expertise and equipment for their own product development purposes. The Center also gives customers the ability to “test-drive” the integration of Lamina’s unique solid-state LED lighting technology into their designs and concepts, giving them a true indication of the product’s enhanced potential through the use of LEDs.

“Lamina’s Resource Center is a great way for lighting professionals to see exactly what our innovative technology can do when integrated into their designs,” said Frank M. Shinneman, President and CEO of Lamina. “We have made our specialized equipment and technical expertise available to our customers for use in their concept and product development.”

Services offered by the Lamina Resource Center include Proof of Concept Development and Optical Measurement Services. Through the company’s Proof of Concept services, customers can validate the use of Lamina’s LED technology in their applications, either through demos or by actually integrating the technology into existing fixtures to the point of electronics circuit design. This gives customers the resources and confidence to ascertain the appropriateness of solid-state lighting for their application, and take the first step in development to showcase the result of integrating LED technology.

Through Lamina’s Optical Measurement Services, customers can take advantage of Lamina’s design and measuring equipment -- some of the most sophisticated in the industry. These devices include high-precision illuminance (lux) meters, LightTools, Zemax and ASAP optical design software, integrating spheres, spectoradiometers, goniometers, luminance meters, and more.

Other services offered by Lamina’s Resource Center may include the development of complex custom electronics applications where Lamina’s experienced electronic engineers will utilize the company’s design and simulation tools to assist customers in the development of applications that require in-depth knowledge of communication protocols, microcontrollers, analog power management circuits, and other technologies. Optical Design services would involve implementing a custom optical design then simulating it in order to demonstrate expected results, and then assistance in implementing a final optical solution. Evaluating secondary optics would utilize Lamina’s measurement expertise to assess and characterize the ever-increasing variety of standard optics available, allowing the customer to identify which optic is suitable for their specific application. And finally, the characterization of high-power LEDs can help customers save money by using Lamina’s dedicated light measurement equipment to provide a ample variety of accurate LED measurements, rather than outsourcing the acquisition of this data to a third party.

About Lamina

Founded in 2001 as a spin-off from the Sarnoff Corporation, Lamina Lighting is at the forefront of global LED research and product development. With its Atlas(tm), Titan(tm) and SoL(tm) Series LED product lines, Lamina provides ultra-high brightness white LED lighting products that satisfy the growing global need to replace conventional lighting with LED technology for general illumination. Among its other benefits, Lamina's environmentally responsive LED technology and programs aid in lowering CO2 emissions-the dominant GHG contributor to global warming. Headquartered in Westampton, New Jersey, Lamina Lighting is funded by five premier technology venture funds. For more, visit www.laminalighting.com .

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and for the LED Grow Light reader that wants it straight and pure:

Lamina Solutions Center (LSC)

Lamina has developed a solution resource center where our customers receive a high level of technical support with the primary focus being to assist them in developing Lamina-based LED applications.

Our LSC is made up of both proof of concept and optical development services. With our proof of concept services customers can now confirm the viability of Lamina technology in their applications. This is typically facilitated via application demos, or by incorporating Lamina LED technology into their electronic circuit designs which can also include their current lighting fixtures. With Lamina’s comprehensive optical services we also offer our customers LED and LED lighting system assessment capabilities. Customers with qualified Lamina LED lighting opportunities can now utilize the knowledge and experience of our SSL engineers, verify designs with our specialized measurement and simulation equipment thereby reducing application development time.

Lamina offers qualified customers some of the most specialized measurement, simulation and design equipment available, including:

• High precision illuminance (lux) and luminance (nit) meters
• Spectroradiometers
• Goniometers
• Integrating spheres
• Zemax™, LightTools™ and ASAP™ optical simulation and design software

The breakdown of services that the Lamina Solutions Center offers includes:

Lamina Proof of Concept Development Services
Our proof of concept services enables qualified customers the opportunity to incorporate Lamina LED technology in their new product designs or by retrofitting their existing lighting fixtures. The confidence gained by this exercise helps to alleviate the uncertainties about the suitability of SSL for their lighting applications. Our LSC can quickly evolve your idea from concept to final product through the use of Lamina LED technology.

Specialized Electronics Application Development Services
Our team of experienced electronic engineers utilize the most sophisticated design and simulation tools available. Armed with this state-of-the-art equipment and proficiency in electronics, our application engineers counsel our customers in the development of multifaceted and specialized applications – many involving a through understanding of micro-controllers, communication protocols, analog power management circuits, and a host of other technologies.

Optical Evaluation, Characterization, Design and Simulation
Our optical evaluation service allows accurate characterization and assessment of the ever-growing range of market-available optics thereby enabling our customers to identify which optics are appropriate for their project. Typically our LSC team often performs an optical design and simulation early in the process in order to display probable results. We then corroborate with the customer to execute the final optical solution. This process is best-suited for those customers that have projects which require specific optical design, or those that may not have their own optical engineers or optical design software.

Ultra-Bright LED Classification
Obviously, LED data is critical when making important design decisions. That said, many customers do not have specialized light measurement equipment internally so they must farm this process out to a coslty third party. Our in-house optics assessment capabilities provides myriad of accurate LED measurements such as CRI, flux, chromaticity, lumen output, radiation patterns, spectral distribution and intensity.

Let us help you take the first step to develop a proof of concept to showcase what can be achieved with Lamina-based LED technology. Please contact the Lamina Solutions Center via email at customerservice@laminalighting.com or call us at +1 800-808-5822 (US Toll Free) or +1 609-265-1401 (outside the US).


Would love to hear from anyone in the LED Grow Light community who has used or is using the above solid state lighting resources or solutions.

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