Future LED Grow Lights use Nanophosphors as Quantum Wells

DIY LED Grow Lights of the future may include this new full spectrum technology. Quantum dots are nanoscale semiconductor particles that possess unique optical properties - their emission color can be tuned throughout the visible and infrared spectrum. This means the quantum dot enabled LEDs can emit at almost any color. This provides more color options and better quality white LEDs.

Evident Technologies, Inc. of Troy, New York USA, has licensed nanocrystal patents from Philips Electronics. According to Philips, the nanoncrystal technology could pave the way for commercialization of nanocrystal-based LEDs. Evident says that it will use the nanocrystals as a phosphor for its LEDs in a product line that it will launch immediately. The company plans to make LEDs in additional colors that were not previously available. White LEDs use phosphors to convert blue LEDs into white or other colors, Philips says that while the underlying phosphor technology can limit the range of colors that are attainable. According to Philips, the semiconductor nanocrystals do not have these color limitations. Evident actually uses nanocrystal phosphors as quantom wells. These can be tuned to any wavelength of light emission.

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