LED power management panel discussion questions needed

Just doing my part to help everyone along :)

Help me find good questions for the LED power management panel discussion

In the rush to embrace LEDs as the Great Hope for energy-efficient lighting, it’s easy to forget that LEDs themselves are only part of the design equation: The power control electronics are vital components in ensuring both power efficiency and thermal performance for lighting.

We’re having the lunchtime panel discussion that features many of the significant players in LED power management ICs**. I’d like to lead off with some questions that will both spark a good discussion among the panelists, as well as take advantage of the wide variety of experience and design approaches represented on the panel. For example, a softball question might be, “When designing a triac-dimmable LED light, what are the most important features the driver IC should have?” Or, “Are there any gotchas in driving the LED that will affect the life of the LED or light quality?”

Any suggestions?

Or, register here and ask the questions yourself next Tuesday, October 6, at EDN’s “Designing with LEDs” Workshop in Chicago. (Registration is free.)

** Panelists are:

Peter Green, Senior Lighting Systems Engineer, International Rectifier

Bobby Wong, technical marketing engineer, NEC

Michael Pena, Senior Director, Technical Support and Applications, NXP

Vipin Bothra, Application Manager, Power Supply Applications, STMicro

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